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Mission Statement

      We are the leading fare-based provider of accessible transportation for people in our community who are living with any and all forms of disability, which renders the use of conventional modes of public transportation, inappropriate to their needs.  We have been furthering ACCESSABILITY since 1985, stressing universal accessibility with the emphasis on ability.

Sunshine Coach Objectives

      Our main objective is to provide a service for those living with any form of disability which renders the use of conventional modes of public transportation inappropriate to their needs.  The drivers of our specially equipped vehicles provide careful, courteous assistance from the street level door of an individual's residence to the street level door of their destination and return.  This service improves opportunities to continue to be integrated into our community and thereby enhances quality of life.

     We strive to play a significant role in ensuring maximum accessibility to the many great opportunities that our community has to offer.

     One of our mottos is "Furthering accessAbility in Renfrew and area since 1985".  We feel that this motto succinctly expresses our main objective.  Since transportation is a major factor in permitting all people to gain maximum access to the services, activities and amenities which abound in our community, Sunshine Coach is proud to have been a transportation provider for over three decades.  We feel that the term "accessAbility" encompasses very well the things that we do - Access with an emphasis on Ability.